The thing right now is doing projects at a set interval to learn something (in case you hadn't noticed) so that's what this is... I'm not doing this to be cool, becuase by virtue of the fact that i'm 1/1000000 people doing this makes it unoriginal, and therefore not cool. I'm doing this because I need to learn Arnold for C4d, and sharpen up my Photorealism skills. So here we go!
Use a Coaster 7/1/15 - speacial thanks to whatever his name is that made jf_nested_dielectric
308 Yard Chip 7/2/15
Put Your Keys on the Hook 7/10/15
Forget Caution 7/18/15
Has Anyone Seen the Stage Manager? 7/21/15
404 Not Found 7/28/15 (this one has a looping animation for my 404 page, you should check it out)

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